The Cozmo Foundation was created to subsidize non-elective veterinary care for pets whose owners would otherwise be unable to afford it.

Some of the groups most dependent on companion animals often experience difficulty in obtaining treatment in the case of unforeseen circumstances due to inadequate finances.  Thus, The Cozmo Foundation was created to help pet owners who have income under the federal poverty level, are on government assistance or are unable to get the necessary care for their beloved animals.

We believe no pet should be prematurely put down because of a family’s financial situation. Imagine for a minute a couple with their children are at the veterinary hospital and the vet comes out of the examining room requesting to talk with parents in his/her office. The couple is told their pet needs an operation to survive and the cost is substantially more than they can afford. A very difficult decision has to be made. The couple is thinking how do we tell the children, do they live with the guilt and tell them a story that their beloved pet went to heaven because it didn’t survive the operation. Losing their beloved pet could cause such trauma. Because of the Cozmo Foundation we are hoping these kinds of events are going to be minimal with the co-operation and assistance of the vet. By contacting our foundation and under the right circumstances we will be able to help this family with costs and have a much happier ending. We believe no animal should have its life taken and no family should have to live with.

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